About Us

TN-DeafEd is a grassroots effort that began in 2010. TN-DeafEd is made up of professionals, Deaf Adults, community members, and parents with Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, or DeafBlind (D/HH/DB) children. Members are concerned with the overall success of our D/HH/DB children ages birth – twenty-one. Their unique communication and language needs must be addressed. Our endeavor is to do so using the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Bill of Rights for Deaf Children's Communication as a model.

Our common goal is to be a partner with the Tennessee Department of Education (TN DOE) to ensure the delivery of high quality Deaf Education throughout Tennessee. TN-DeafEd and TN DOE are mutually invested in providing high quality educational programs, hiring certified professionals trained to work with D/HH/DB children, creating a system to employ certified interpreters for the deaf and employing highly qualified Deaf Educators. Effective educational services will lead to well-adjusted individuals ready for employment. TN-DeafEd is committed to educating Tennessee policy and decision makers about D/HH/DB children 0 - 21.