Vision Statement

All Tennessee children with hearing and dual sensory needs will reach their fullest potential at home, school, and in their community through a partnership committed to providing a broad scope of services, high quality education, and access to qualified professionals with the end goal to support positive identity through healthy family support, linguistic competence, and self-sufficiency as adults.

Mission Statement

As a result of a partnership formed between families, communities, statewide advocacy groups, policy makers, and key personnel within the TN DOE the TN Bill of Rights will reach the legislative docket in 2017. The Bill of Rights provides a mechanism to address language acquisition / communication needs of children, 0 – graduation, identified as hearing, vision, or dual sensory impaired by:
• provision of full access to education systems
• establishment of a statewide advisory council
• IFSP & IEP Communication Addendum
• employment of highly qualified professionals
• use of unbiased assessments
• initiation of a Deaf Mentor Program
• development of a statewide handbook implemented by DOE which defines protocols/standards/guidelines for any school program for our children
• data base created by TNDOE reflecting assessment results and tracking system
• optimal language acquisition opportunities offered to deaf children based on current national, state, and local facts and research
• ongoing statewide outreach and interactive activities which keep the community / DOE / consumers of population current